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Message From The Author

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Introduction to book by Armin Brott

Table of Contents

Information About The Book

Blueprint for Men's Health discusses the main health issues that men face today. Each chapter focuses on a single condition or group of related conditions effecting men. This 70+ page book discusses the factors that increase health risks, shows how to recognize symptoms, and gives practical, easy-to-implement prevention strategies.

Blueprint for Men's Health, Second Edition, features expanded and updated sections, including information about osteoporosis in men, new information about exercise and nutrition, and other expanded key health sections.

To make the information in this book as helpful as possible, every chapter was carefully checked by a professional with expertise in that particular field. While no book should be used as a substitute for professional advice about medical or lifestyle issues, the Blueprint for Men's Health is a resource and a guide that may help you protect your health and get the most out of life.

Blueprint for Men's Health is a publication of Men's Health Network.